Tired of hitting a paywall every time you want to an article? Ansofy is a startup with the mission to partner with media companies and editors to allow users to create their personalised news experience. By paying just one single subscription fee, users can create their unique newspaper choosing from a number of categories provided by each media company. Our goal is to revolutionise the way news is read and accessed. 

Using a cutting-edge, decentralised distribution framework, Ansofy allows newspapers to securely send their articles directly to users with no need for third-party server storage. 


Ansofy was founded by Theresa Weber-Qvarfort, an environmental consultant and inventor living in Uppsala, Sweden. She founded Ansofy with the goal of changing how we access news. Supporting the newspapers who are losing the younger generations. Supporting the journalists,  freelancers,  blogs, vlogs and pods and create a channel for all kind of high quality news.


Want to get in touch? Send us an email on info@ansofy.com

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