Empowering the news reader

With the Ansofy news app you get all the world’s news in a single place. Easy to access, easy to choose, easy to read. Get the news that you want and nothing else in your phone.


Ansofy is an easy, smart and fast way to stay up to date. In one app we offer free news and articles from the sources you choose.

The market’s widest range of articles

Local and global digital news from close to
400 news sources in one stream.

You tailor the news feed

Choose the sources, languages
and areas that suit you.

We protect your data

Unlike others, Ansofy does not sell
your information to third parties.

Easy to use
I like this easy to use news app that gives me a good overview of the current news and also news I would not have found on my own.

Great digest that sticks with the content of the article without nearing clickbait territory. Clear custom settings for which news choices you want to follow. Great! 🙂
// Cecilia Berlin

Get your own news feed direct
Easy to use and configure for your own personal news feed. Saves me a lot of time combining several newsfeeds into one. Gives me all news, not just the top news that makes it to the first page.