Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I subscribe to the news app?

    A: Go to the Subscriptions page and choose a plan.

  • Q: What does it cost?

    A: There is always a free option with the Ansofy App. Then there is a Premium version that has different plans available. The monthly plan is 99 kr/month and the yearly plan is 990 kr/year.

  • Q: How many news sources does Ansofy have?

    A: There are about 700 local and global digital news sources for you to choose from when building your own news feed. We are adding more news sources continuosly.

  • Q: How many countries can you choose news from?

    A: There are currently about 20 countries in the Ansofy app for you to choose from. We are adding more countries continuously.

  • Q: How can I add more languages?

    A: On the Language page in your Ansofy app, check the box for each language that you want to add.

  • Q: How can I change the order of topics?

    A: All of your topics have small arrows to the right of them. You can re-arrange the order by moving them up or down in the list with the arrows.

  • Q: What is Ansofy?

    A: Ansofy is a mobile app that simplifies the readers news consumption. It enables a customized news feed based on the markets most comprehensive news offerings, without compromising data integrity.

  • Q: Do you sell my personal data to third parties?

    A: Ansofy does not sell personal user data to third parties for any of our users.

  • Q: Do you share my personal data with third parties?

    A: For those who use Ansofy Free, we share some of the personal data in order to facilitate advertising. For those who use Ansofy Premium, we do not share any personal data, since it is free of ads.

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